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Prohibere Scalp Cooling Formula



Prohibere is a leave-in conditioner applied to the scalp which contains intense cooling ingredients to provide a strong sensation on the scalp skin to distract or overshadow urges. Prohibere (latin “to stop”) is not a cure or quick fix. Please refer to this guide which incorporates Prohibere with competing response training. Working with an established protocol is pivotal for successful outcomes using our product.

Background: When working in a lab, I wondered why I felt this urge or itch to pull my hair. I assume it’s connected to a anxiety/stress response but why is there an urge similar to an itch from a bug bite?

I looked at how hair follicles are close to receptors in the skin. I wondered if these sensory receptors that send signals to neurons and to the brain when we feel touch or temperature could be playing a role in the “urges” I felt. I wondered if this urge could be “quieted or overshadowed” with another sensation like hot or cold sensations. Hypothesis: Sensory receptors may be triggered by some mechanism (immune response to stress) that sends a signal to the brain that a hair should be pulled to alleviate the sensation as a maladaptive coping mechanism developed.

The specific mechanisms of how focused pulling behavior originates remains to be fully elucidated. However, other studies have described onset of tics and OCD following infection from strep, or fever in childhood. Another study suggests that early early-onset forms of TS and OCD may be causally related to streptococcal infections and immune abnormalities.


"I Can't Stop Pulling My Hair!" Using Numbing Cream as an Adjunct Treatment for Trichotillomania

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Skin hyperreactivity is caused by a dysfunction of the peripheral nervous system leading to the significant release of neurotransmitters, such as CGRP and substance P in skin cells. In return, skin cells, will release molecules such as cytokines, leading then to the development of an inflammatory response. Receptors of the TRP family and of endothelin seem to be particularly involved in this process.

By using ingredients that target the TRP channels, an “urge” signal may be temporarily overshadowed by the signals generated from the cooling receptors in the skin triggered by the cooling ingredients. This may help reduce “focused” type pulling frequency where current research has struggled to address.

To my knowledge this mechanism has not been studied in the field. However, there is one case study by a psychologist that observed a reduction in pulling when patient used a numbing cream as an adjunct from of treatment for TTM in 2008. In other words, the patient was able to treat the psychological aspect with therapy (HBT/CBT) and use the cream to aid in reducing behavior to urges.

While this formula will not be a “one-size fits all” due to individual skin variation, further research into this specific stress to inflammation response mechanism could help the development of more specific therapeutic. In conjunction with established evidence based behavioral treatments such as HBT/DBT therapy, a patch drug delivery system more specific to the receptor generating a signal from a immune response mechanism could provide a more inclusive treatment approach for TTM relief for “focused” puller subtypes.

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