0.75 Oz Prohibere (Medium Strength)

0.75 Oz Prohibere (Medium Strength)

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By using cooling ingredients such as menthol and camphor blended with nourishing oils in a leave-in conditioner formula, the scalp is cooled and relaxed providing a tingling and cooling sensation to provide relief for;

  • Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder)- For Habit Reversal Training treatment for trichotillomania, use the product as a competing response (traditionally fist clenching) to pulling hair out.

  • Tension headaches and ocular migraines

  • Tight braid pain from protective styles

  • Sinuitis

Directions: Use spot test to determine sensitivity. Apply small amount to area and rub into scalp with tip. Wait 5-10 minutes for sensation to occur. Use as needed. External use only. Keep away from eyes.

Please be advised, shipping fees apply. We cannot refund product that has already been used.

NOTE: Skin permeation and ingredient sensitivity in the scalp skin varies across age, sex, altitude, and ethnicity. If you cannot feel menthol or camphor, this product will not work for you. For health and safety reasons, we cannot return used products.

What research evidence suggests this product will help trich?

Dr. David Dia published a scientific peer reviewed paper on a successful case study for using a cooling cream as adjunct treatment for trichotillomania.

Created in the lab by engineering student with trichotillomania

Prohibere (latin "to stop") was invented by an engineering student who battled trichotillomania for 20 years. She sought to create something to help fight urges to pull hair in conjunction with habit reversal therapy. It may not work for everyone with trichotillomania, so please talk to your cognitive behavioral specialist if it would be right for you.

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