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Emily Kight, bioengineering student at Temple University, bootstrapped funding from a GoFundMe and a College Pitch Event to bring a small cooling microbatch hair conditioner to life. 

While there is no quick fix for trichotillomania, we believe there can be new ways to manage the disorder and help with hair regrowth. 

Our products are made in the US and cruelty-free.

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What is Prohibere?

Prohibere is the first leave-in conditioner for trichotillomania that addresses the physiological aspect of the disorder.  Prohibere provides a cooling and tingling sensation that helps relieve impulses to pull and also provides awareness of targeted pull areas to reduce bald spots. No other cooling and numbing product on the market is tailored for use in hair. 

While trichotillomania can vary, we believe some pullers may find it useful to create replacement sensation to the pulling sensation.