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Started in 2017 with funding from pitch events to raise money for a hair product to help people with trichotillomania, Biomaterix launched Prohibere in December 2017. Emily Kight has had trichotillomania since she was 8 years old. While working in the lab, she wondered if she could make something to replace the pulling sensation with a cooling sensation. So she invented Prohibere to help people. While it's not going to work for every person with trichotillomania, it has been helping people with trichotillomania to work as a replace sensation using competing response training.  

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Emily Kight, Founder & CEO


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Michael Kelly, Founder & CTO


 Bernie Morgan  Clinical Research

Bernie Morgan

Clinical Research

  Nigel Satenstein    Marketing Manager

Nigel Satenstein 

Marketing Manager

  Jeremy Munnings    Laboratory Quality Assurance

Jeremy Munnings

Laboratory Quality Assurance

 Martye Marshall, MD  Medical Director 

Martye Marshall, MD

Medical Director