What can help trichotillomania?

It's the holiday season so for some of us, it's also the "trichy" season. Here are some extra tips to help you manage trich! 

1. Bandaids/finger covers/Guiatar Fingertip protector

I love these! I included these finger tip covers with the first 50 pre-orders and saw customers using them as an applicator to help apply the product. Didn't expect that! 

2. QuitThat App / NoMore App

I think it's important to be aware of things that may trigger you such as tv, driving or studying. Then you can get prepared before those times with finger tip covers and Prohibere. Having a game plan before can really help mitigate a possible pulling episode. Tracking helps to solidify your goal of pulling less or altogether. Joining a trich group on facebook might help you find a buddy and see other ways people have manaegd their trich too. 

3. Awareness devices for unconscious pullers such as Keen from Habitaware. Here is their site; Habitaware.com. It was created by a former trichster. Some researchers believe pullers can be categorized as conscious and subconscious. For people who don't even know they are doing it, this is a good option to look at. 

4. Probiotics


Maybe you are thinking that gut health has nothing to do with trichotillomania. However, medicine in general has shifted more towards considering the gut on psychology;

"Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are introduced into the gastrointestinal tract. Interestingly, gut bacteria are able to synthesize the same neurotransmitters that are found in the brain. These gut neurotransmitters have the same structure and are produced via the same biosynthetic pathway as those in the brain. Gut bacteria are able to communicate with the brain through the vagus nerve, a phenomenon known as the “gut-brain connection.” 

Check out the article on the Gut Health and TTM (Trich) connection Here

I know people who said they saw results in 4-6 weeks after starting them. Gut health is more important that you realize! 

Additionally, many people with trich have reported that NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) has helped reduce their urges. However, this double blind study on it showed there was no benefit. There have been successful case studies so it may be worth trying if you are still struggling. 

5. Wigs/Toppers 

One thing people hate about wigs is that they fear people will know they are wearing one. So what! You can happily pull from a wig all day long while your hair grows beneath. If someone asks if you are wearing a wig, you can squint in confusion and respond with "why are you asking me this?". This should shift the focus away from you to why they are prying into your hair choices. Alternatively you can own it like Kylie Jenner who has a closet in her house devoted to wigs. Brag about your wig! Why not? It can be a style choice. 

Also, many trichsters love Toppik for its ability to build fibers into thinning places to hide "works in progress".

6. Finding the right salon!

I have avoided salons my whole life because it's too embaressing to explain to someone that you have a hair pulling disorder. Sometimes people who work in salons don't even know how to respond. So it can be painful......unless you go to a salon that specializes in trich!

Here is a list that specialize in trich services! 

7. Lots of people have asked me if there is anything to help with eye lash pulling. I think putting cold water on your face as soon as you start can abate the urges quickly. I keep vitamin e oil in the fridge for this reason. It also coats the lashes in oil which makes them harder to pull and it is also good for growth. I have also used eye glasses as barriers. If you don't need glasses, get fake ones! 

Additionally, I know mascara can be a trigger for people who pull lashes so investing in cleaning wipes might help too. Getting soothing aloe make-up remover might help when the urge is high. Then add the oil, glasses, and finger tips and you just avoided a bald patch in the lashes! In some ways, it helps to run a "good strong defense" for lashes and brows because you don't have as much room for error. You start pulling from your scalp, 5-10 hairs later you might not make a dent, but 10 eye lashes pulled can show damage. 

Also, I know lashes pullers feel like they can't wear mascara but there is a vibrating mascara by Lano that might tickle your urges and work for you. 

Anyways, until there is a cure, we have to do our best to manage the best we can. Please let me know if you think I should add anything else to this list! Good luck everyone! <3


Emily Kight